VOK Liqueurs

Our Story

VOK liqueurs embody and provoke the flavour, colour, aroma and versatility to bring a creative cocktail experience to life.

Established in the 1950’s, offering infinite choices VOK’s premium quality liqueurs are suitable for experienced bartenders or at home creations. VOK liqueurs are all premium Vodka based liqueurs infused with various fruits, herbs and spices to achieve a premium flavour profile.


Our base spirit is a neutral cane spirit, a tasteless and odourless spirit made from high quality Australian-grown molasses, which is fermented with yeast and pure water, and distilled to vodka.

The Vodka base spirit is distilled five times, which ensures a clean, pure base for VOKs flavoursome liqueurs.

The Vodka base is blended with the perfect combination of fruit essences, herbs, spices, coffee or cocoa to achieve the target flavour profile and allows for the infusion of the base, flavours and colours.

The result; liqueurs which each display their own unique aromas and colours that are rich and flavoursome.